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Mesmerizing Handicrafts Direct from Artisans Located in Rural India


Aanya Creations (, with a distinctive motive of promoting Indian arts of handcrafting, brings the incredible handicrafts from different Indian villages at one place. The company enjoys the status of being an exporter of handicrafts from India to the foreign destinations. The handicraft categories with the company include products made using eco-friendly materials and some of the most astonishing techniques. The launch of the company’s official website has helped it to maintain a stronger foothold at the international level.

 Mind behind the Company

Aanya Creations is not less than a dream come true for its owner, Pankaj Gupta. After being in the corporate sector for more than a decade, Pankaj decided to devote full time to its love for the Indian handicrafts. A travel enthusiast, Pankaj got some wonderful opportunities to closely explore the amazing arts and traditions of handcraft making in rural India. He managed to make a huge collection of handcrafts through his memorable expeditions to the Indian villages and exciting encounters with handcrafting arts.

 Implication of Company Name and Logo

The company borrows its name from the daughter of Pankaj. An interesting aspect of the company’s profile is its logo. While ‘A’ stands for ‘Aanya’, the hand symbols represent the “unending traditions of hand craft” making in numerous villages of India. The logo also represents the “tricolor of the Indian National Flag “ in an interesting manner. ‘Truly Handmade Products’ is what the company uses as its promotional tagline.

 What Does Company Aim At?

The company has a unique motive of promoting the rich heritage of India that has always been the matter of interest around the world. Handicrafts from India are the true representatives of the country’s art, history, culture and craftsmanship. At the same time, the company aims at highlighting the immense talent of the Indian artisans and to help them gain the recognition they deserve.

 The company fulfills these aims by selling handicrafts in categories like traditional tribal jewelry, wood-made sculptures and animal figurines, home decors made with natural materials like bamboo and coconut shells and embroidered handbags made from jute and denim. These handicrafts are collected from different parts of the country to offer an unlimited variety of products to the eager buyers. 

 Apart from regularly updating its collections, the company also excels in delivering the products on time. Most importantly, the company wishes to offer handicrafts at prices that suit the budgets of buyers and pay the deserving reward to the artisans. Contact us with your queries and to learn more about the company’s products and policies. 

  We welcome your suggestions and feedbacks.

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Truly Handmade Products

Aanya Creations




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